Saturday, November 21, 2009

To All Friends & Love Ones: Welcome to My Blog!

Bismilahi Rahman Rahim.

It is with much delight I welcome every peace loving person to my blog. The idea behind this particular is to to share with family members, friends, colleagues and all other interested parties information about issues that affects us as a person, nation and our universe. While I admire and believes in freedom of speech and the media, this blog shall make every effort to pursue an agenda of truth and fair glogging.

As a truly globalized person, with families in Ghana and Malaysia, my blog shall also be used to share with everyone interested some of the best things that these two countries has to offer in the area of politics, economics, sports, tourism, education and socio-cultural facts.

Last but not the least, I invite all readers to contribute to my blog in the form of constructive (even if critical) comments and relevant materials and on my part every effort shall be made to keep this blog updated and relevant.

Wassalam & many thanks.